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93: the Battle for Ukraine - around Donetsk Airport

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Shared December 31, 2020

The stunning story of the Russian-Ukrainian war filmed and told by veterans of the Ukrainian Army's 93rd Brigade.

00:00​ Introduction
01:07​ How this war was being prepared
02:21​ Volunteer battalions in the area of ​​the 93-th brigade's deployment
03:54​ Re-formation of the 1st Battalion
04:31​ Positions of the 1st Battalion on the outskirts of Donetsk,
05:12​ Rotation of the Ukrainian Army at the airport
06:48​ Liberating of Opytne, and "Zenit",
07:33​ Position 93/17 «Muraveinyk» («Anthill»),
09:21​ Fighting at the old and new terminals of the Donetsk airport
20:08​ Taking control of the Weather Station of the Donetsk airport
22:37​ Tank battles
25:20​ Artillery units around Donetsk Airport
28:00​ Donetsk Airport Flight Control Tower
30:32​ Artillery against the tank
31:36​ Russian tankers killed on the runway of Donetsk airport
32:21​ Fire in the flight control tower
34:30​ How "Ural" of the Armed Forces passed to the flight control tower bypassing the checkpoints of terrorists
37:15​ At the Fire station of Donetsk airport
39:19​ 2nd Battalion, Battle of the Monastery
43:02​ AFV crew breaks out from the encirclement
48:33​ The biggest losses in the battles for the Donetsk airport,
59:20​ 2nd Battalion at positions around Donetsk.
54:03​ Positions of the 93rd Brigade in early 2015
55:10​ Battle at Butivka mine
01:00:56​ Defense of Position «Zenit»
01:04:17​ The everyday life of the village of Pisky, a short preview of 93: The Battle for Ukraine Part 3

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The film was translated and dubbed in 2020 with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
Translation and voice-over partner:
Dave School
Anomaly Project
Studia Bob

Musik by "Tin Sontsya"
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